Battlestrip with Caroline and Star

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We last saw curvy brunette Caroline in 2013's Episode 332. She's back with a vengeance, against newcomer Star. Star heard about Lost Bets Productions awhile ago and thought it sounded like a lot of fun. She's been after me for awhile to join our roster of players, and here she is making her debut. She's a cute and spunky blonde who wears a star-shaped tattoo just above and to the side of her pussy, in case anyone forgets her name while doing her.

The game is Battlestrip. Each time they sink a ship, their opponent loses a corresponding article of clothing, until there's nothing left to take off and the loser is left exposed and vulnerable. The winner was Star, who was down to just her panties when Caroline lost. Not that it mattered that she kept her panties, considering the forfeit. The loser must submit in oral servitude to the winner, who rides her face, rubbing her pussy all over the loser's mouth, before forcing the loser to eat her until she has a beautiful and sensual orgasm. Good treat for the winner.