Strip Darts with Ashley, Olivia, Ashlyn, Brooklyn, Flynt, and Bob

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When last we saw these players, Ashley, Flynt, and Bob weren't playing. Ashley was the emcee, and Flynt and Bob got to enjoy the loser. This time, all three of them are in the game in a three-on-three darts battle. It starts with Flynt and Bob taking turns drafting the girls for their teams, which turn out to be blondes vs. brunettes, and then the game begins. Each player gets one dart. The team with the higher score wins. The team with the lower score strips.

The game is close, but in the end, the winners were Flynt's brunettes, Ashlyn and Olivia, who were topless in their panties when Ashley, Brooklyn, and Bob were defeated. The losers had to masturbate on the couch with toys: vibrators for the ladies, and as a special treat for the losing gentleman, a Fleshlight. They did, however, leave with it. That's okay. They can have it.) The losers help each other, and the end result is one of the hottest group masturbation scenes I've ever seen.