Strip High Card with Reyanna, Selah, and Savannah

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High stakes in this two-part game. Whoever wins, we're in for quite a show.

Spunky MILF Selah returns after her victory in Episode 369. Her friend Reyanna watched that game and wanted to play herself. She and her enormous natural breasts make their debut, along with tan Savannah. Conor and Richard are spectators. They have an important role to play in the forfeit.

It starts with a simple game of High Card, with the highest card stripping an article of clothing from the lowest card. The girls and the spectators really get into it, and there's tons of trash-talking and banter. They play until two girls have lost. Those two losers have to play a second game: an orgasm race with each player trying desperately not to cum while being stimulated. They each have to ride a Sybian, with the gentlemen working to controls and the winner playing with their bodies trying to help push them over the edge.

The girl who succumbs to orgasm is in for it. Both guys strip down and make her serve their dicks. The winner straps on and adds her cock to the mix, and they freely use all of her holes: mouth, pussy, and ass, not necessarily in that order. The winner of the orgasm race joins in as well, wielding a massager to further torment the loser, making her squirt, before turning the massager around and using it on herself. The loser ends up with a faceful of cum. In short, my friends, if you like hardcore forfeits, this one pretty much has it all.