Earth and Fire with Piper, Bex, and Madison

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Can you imagine that just a few hours before this game, two of these girls had never been naked on camera before? One still had her girl-girl virginity. Now, here they are playing one of our sexiest games, Earth and Fire. Each girl tries to stave off her own orgasm while forcing one of the other girls to cum, and the loser is the one who gives up and can`t stop her orgasm.

The last time we did a wet-and-messy forfeit using heavy cream I thought it turned out sexy as hell, so I decided to reprise it, only adding a little color to the thick cream. Still flushed and sweaty from her forced orgasm, the loser has to stand there as creamy goodness in four pastel colors is poured over her naked body. We kept the cream in the fridge, so the loser shows us her goose pimpled skin and rock-hard nipples. Then, since even the winners end up naked in Earth and Fire and it`s hard to douse someone in a gallon of heavy cream without getting some on your own bare skin, all three of them hop in the shower to clean up. It takes awhile.