Strip High Card with Indigo, Jelly, and Blossom

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This story is absolutely true, I swear it.

Indigo, Blossom, and Jelly got together for a simple game of High Card. To mix things up a bit, the clothes come off in random order. Each girl has a stack of cards representing her clothing, and each round she loses, she must draw a card. At least, that was the plan.

The loser was to be hogtied and then subjected to tickling by the other two for five minutes. After the tickling, the loser would suffer a penalty. At least, that was the plan. But things don’t always go according to plan.

The problems started when one of the girls screwed up her clothing. Everyone was supposed to be wearing seven articles of clothing, and she wore too few pieces (and pieces that didn't match her clothing cards at that.) As a result, that girl lost. But she really did not want to do the forfeit. I suggested that she do what Bex and Piper did in Episode 384 and Episode 388 respectively: count her pubic hair as an article of clothing, shave her bush, and continue play

But this loser has some rather particular views on feminism and dignity. “No way, man,” she said, shaking her head. “My pubic hair is, like, a sacred symbol of my womanhood. I could never shave it off for all to see. It would be too degrading.”

I nodded, not really surprised. I started to explain that then she’d just have to submit to the hogtied tickling and paddling, when she spoke up.

”Could I just shave my head instead?

After wiping up the spit-take, I told her that yes, we’d allow that. Sometimes you never can tell where some people’s limits will be.

Shears were brought up and the pretty girl’s hair was buzzed down to the scalp. Although not quite shaved, she wouldn't have looked out of place among a group of recruits at Basic Training.. We gave her a cellphone with a front-facing camera so she could see herself, and we could see what she saw. I did think her hair was significant enough to count as the forfeit rather than just a piece of clothing, so that was the end. I still don’t really understand the mentality that prefers a naked buzz cut over a hogtied tickling, or over a shaved bush for that matter, but again, you never can tell. We haven’t seen anything like this since Episode 303.