Strip Mogadishu with Caroline and Star

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Star is back for her second game at, once again head-to-head against veteran Caroline. Last time they met, the loser had to get the winner off. This time, the loser has to get herself off, masturbating on the couch for a smug winner and, of course, all of you viewers at home. The game is Mogadishu, our version of five-throw rock-paper-scissors.

It’s not close. Round after round, throw after throw,she finds herself getting increasingly frustrated and increasingly undressed as her opponent wins and wins. She ends naked and spread open on display before the winner even loses her skirt.

While the winner settles in to enjoy the show, the loser starts fingering her clit. and pussy. She’s a good sport and does her best to force an orgasm out of herself, helped along by the winner toying with her nipples, but just as her thighs are trembling and she’s starting to cum, her orgasm is ruined by a very badly-timed leg cramp which brings everything to a screeching halt. The winner hands her a wand massager, and the loser puts it on her aching pussy and shows us how she cums. More than once, it turns out.