Strip Pirate Penguins with Indigo, Blossom, and Jelly

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Amateurs Jelly, Blossom, and Indigo are back to play a new game: Pirate Penguins. The girls try to balance their penguins on a teetery pirate ship, and the first girl to knock the ship over loses and has to strip. The two losers have to take a nice long bubble bath together, soaping each other up and washing each other down.

I don’t think the girls exactly followed the rules of the game, but it turns out not to matter much. The game is entertaining but superfluous, as the two losers were having so much fun in the bath that the winner (Indigo, like it matters) strips off her last piece of clothing and joins in. It’s three cute young amateurs splashing around in a huge jetted tub. Then they rinse each other off and smear body oil all over each other. They liked it so much that one of the girls pinched my bottle of oil on the way out.