Strip T-Bagasaur with Zahara, Sheri, Bex, and Piper

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After their initiation in Episode 402, 20-year-olds Zahara and Sheri are back (along with Bex and Piper) to play for higher stakes, and it’s guaranteed to be a brand-new experience for at least one loser. The girls play T-bagasaur, a game where they try to launch balls into a primitive lizard’s mouth. The T-bagasaur has four teeth to knock down with the balls, and once a girl succeeds in knocking them all down, she gets to pick an opponent to strip.

What’s the brand-new experience? Well, Zahara, Sheri, and Piper claim never to have masturbated before. It seemed a little far fetched to me, but they swore it’s true, and what ended up happening seems to bear them out. Two losers have to masturbate, possibly for the first time ever, certainly for the first time in front of cameras.

They start off trying to masturbate with their fingers, but after a while are given wand massagers while the winners offer helpful tips. Because of their inexperience (and the embarrassing circumstances) they’re unable to finish themselves off but there’s a lot of blushing and giggling as they try.