Strip Shockinaw with Heather, Michelle and Star

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Veteran Michelle is back with relative newcomer Star, and one of my own personal favorite girls (and fan favorite too), Heather. This was actually the first time Heather played at Her other episodes were published out-of-sequence. And for her very first game, I chose to have sweet angelic Heather playing perhaps our cruelest game, Shockinaw. The game where failure earns you an electric shock.

She’s in for a very wet-and-messy forfeit that gives a new meaning to the term “tossed salad”. She’s turned into a human salad as two bottles of creamy salad dressing are poured all over her golden hair and beautiful naked body, and then she’s covered with cucumber slices, bacon bits, and croutons. Delicious and good for you! Includes a nice long scene of the hapless loser showering herself clean.