Strip Podstab with Lika, Kym, and Nikole

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Lika, Kym, and Nikole are back to play an energetic game of Podstab. They’re wearing slinky dresses, which aren’t really the best attire to be running around the room in, but that’s okay because the dresses can’t stay on for too long anyway. It’s awesome to see these girls frantically dashing back and forth as they’re increasingly undressed, bare tits flouncing about. They don’t play fair. There’s plenty of interference while a girl is trying to finish her turn. But can you blame them? They want to win, especially since they have no idea what’s in store for them if they lose.

Since Pod stab is a game of athleticism and coordination, anyone who loses must be in bad shape and needs to exercise. We reprised the surprise exercise routine from Episode 389, handing the girls a stack of cards to turn over one at a time and obey. The losers have to weigh in, then perform a series of strenuous and revealing exercises. There are trampoline jumps and jumping jacks, to get everything bouncing. There are jump ropes, for cardio. There are pelvic thrusts that open their pussies for all to see. There are somersaults, so we can see them from all angles. In the end, they’re left sweaty, breathless, and very exposed.