Strip on Spades with Jelly, Indigo, and Blossom

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Three total amateurs are back for their last game together. Brunette Blossom, blue-ette Indigo, and bald-ette Jelly fight it out in a game of Strip On Spades. The rules are that they each take turns drawing cards, stripping when they draw a spade, and stripping someone else when they draw a heart. They don’t always adhere to the rules, nor the order of drawing cards.

But despite the screw ups they made with the rules, they do eventually come up with a loser who’s in for some wetness and messiness. She stands in a pool while the winners pour four different kinds of pastel-colored heavy cream to ooze sensuously down her naked body. Heavy cream looks surprisingly sexy running down a girl’s naked tits and dripping off her nipples, which I learned all the way back in Episode 235. Includes a scene of the loser showering off the goop and getting her body all nice and clean.