Strip Earth and Fire with Michelle, Caroline, and Star

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Every want to see what a pussy looks like right after it’s been forced to orgasm, up close and extremely personal? Well, here’s your chace. Caroline, Michelle, and Star square off against each other at Earth and Fire, the game where two girls frantically try to make a third girl cum.

This doesn’t take long. After losing twice in a row, one of the girls was too frazzled to even notice when another girl cheats and makes her lose again. The third time brings her right to the edge, and when she happens to lose a fourth time in a row, it’s game over as the fingers strumming her clit become too much to bear and she succumbs to the forced orgasm.

The loser, lying exhausted, is made to fully expose her weakened, quivering pussy as the winners insert a clear plastic speculum and spread her open wide for all to see. If you fail to hold back your orgasm at, you won’t have many secrets left as your privates go public.