Impromptu Strip Shockinaw with Johnny and Bex

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So, this is an unusual one. It wasn’t a planned game; it just sort of happened.

Before the girls played Episode 418, I was trying to convince them to play Shockinaw next. Sheri, Piper, and Zahara were all very apprehensive about a game that delivered electric shocks to the loser, but Bex thought it sounded like a great idea. When the other three refused, Bex tried to talk them into it, plus she wanted to try it herself. She did this by grabbing the game and dragging Johnny over to try it with her. After Johnny lost the first round, I jokingly said, “okay, Johnny, take it off.” I was just joking, since Johnny was part of the film crew, not part of the cast. But after he lost a second time, he did take off his shirt, at Bex’s insistence. This made Bex even more excited to keep playing, keep winning, and get Johnny unexpectedly naked… but unfortunately for her, that marked the end of her winning streak. Maybe she was distracted by Johnny’s bare chest, or maybe Johnny’s attention was focused by the cool air, but that was it for Bex as first her shirt, then her bra, and then her pants came off. Since she was going commando between games, that left her playing the last round completely naked. Shocking, indeed.