Strip Body Shots with Cheyenne and Kym (featuring Lika)

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What do we do when we have three girls but one of them has much lower limits than the other two? Make the shy girl the target in a game of Body Shots, of course! Let the other girls shoot at her naked body for high stakes while she’s bound to a wall.

Kym and Cheyenne are ready to dance. Ordinarily, we use forced orgasms as a humiliating penalty, making the loser surrender control of her body and show us all her climax whether she wants to or not. But neither of these girls is at all shy, neither is a stranger to on-camera orgasms, and both wanted to cum, so in this case, the orgasm is the reward. The loser has to service the winner’s sexual needs and pleasure her until she’s satisfied. The wand massager and some deep-thrusting fingers are her tools of choice.

Meanwhile, blonde Eastern European hottie Lika is much less uninhibited, and would never tolerate cumming on camera, or making another girl cum on camera, so instead she got to expose it all, serve as the target for the other girls to shoot at, and remain helplessly tied to the doorjamb while Kym and Cheyenne put on their show.