Strip on Spades with Lavender, Luna, and Indigo

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I’m not exactly what you’d call preachy, but let’s get this out of the way right up front: does not endorse the use of tobacco. If you smoke, please stop. It makes you cough and stink and . If you really need the nicotine, switch to a vaporizer. They’re a lot cheaper, a lot healthier, and a lot better-smelling.

However, we make use of what we’ve got, and all three of these amateurs happened to be smokers. And really, what better than a smoking-related forfeit for Episode 420?

The game is Strip on Spades. Draw a spade, strip. Draw a heart, make someone else strip. These girls all have fairly tight limits and would never agree to risk doing anything sexual, so embarrassment is definitely the way to go. This shoot took place at Dante’s Pioneer Square apartment. If you’re not familiar with Seattle geography, Pioneer Square was the first part of the city to be settled and it’s in the very heart of downtown. The apartment has a balcony, and right outside the balcony is the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Again, for those unfamiliar with Seattle, that’s one of the two major north-south routes through the city, the other being Interstate 5. It’s an extremely heavily-trafficked elevated street, or at least it will be until they tear it down next year, and it’s always full of cars. Cars which have a clear view of Dante’s balcony. You see where I’m going with this?

Two naked losershave to stand completely naked on the balcony and smoke their cigarettes, in full view of the cars on the Viaduct and the pedestrians on the street below. There’s no telling exactly how many people got an eyeful of these blushing cuties as they puffed away with everything on show, but I’m betting it was in the hundreds at least. I love my job.