Strip Wheel of Torment with Candle, Isobel, and Caroline

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Step right up, step right up and spin the Wheel of Torment! Three of our most fun girls are here to spin the wheel and take their chances. Each spin could cost them an article of clothing, or give them the right to take a piece of clothing from another girl, or do a little micro-forfeit.

They play until we have two naked losers. The winner gives us all an anatomy lesson, using the loser’s bodies as helpful illustrations. As it happens, the winner is one of our smartest, most-educated players, so it turns into our most interesting, informative, and hilarious anatomy lessons to date. The losers are made to use specula to open themselves up wide so the winner can point out every single detail. One of the losers demonstrates her skill at crab-walking with a speculum. Good show.