Strip Pirate Penguins with Sheri, Zahara, Bex, and Piper

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These four amateurs are back for their last game in this series. (Don’t worry, though. There’s a whole other series to come. See below.)

When we first came to Dante’s place (for Episode 399), we noticed that he had some fairly decent artwork on the walls, plus a pretty big blank canvas. We’re not sure why he had a big blank canvas on the wall, but he did. It was still there when we came by to film the current series. When we shoot, we frequently end the day with a wet-and-messy forfeit, so we’d brought finger paints so the winners could decorate the losers. Dante came up with the brilliant idea that after the losers were painted, their bodies should be pressed (front and back) into the canvas, preserving the artistic beauty for all time.

And that’s what we did. The game is Pirate Penguins, and since we had two girls with ample, voluptuous curves and two girls who were slender and small-breasted, we made it a team game, Piper and Zahara vs. Bex and Sheri, with each team having one of each kind of girl. That way, no matter which way the game went, we’d have a nice contrast on the canvas.

It was a close game, but the winners who ended up stark naked but victorious, and they did a great job of decorating the losers, with some really creative color choices. (I particularly like the blue hand prints on one loser’s yellow ass, after a winner slapped her there with paint on her hands.) The canvas turned out awesome, too. If you’re interested in buying this fine piece of art, make me an offer. The video features a shower scene, as the losers (and one of the winners) get themselves cleaned up afterward.

Like I said, this closed out the series. But the girls had so much fun that with a little persuasion, they agreed to come back and risk playing in games with hardcore boy-girl forfeits for the first time. So keep your eyes out for the next series starring Bex, Piper, Sheri, Zahara, and a couple of dicks. Coming soon.