Strip Wheel of Torment with Indigo, Lavender, and Luna

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Sisters Indigo and Luna, and their friend Lavender, are back to spin the Wheel of Torment. This time, the loser is hogtied and tickled for a good five minutes.

All three of these young amateurs are extremely ticklish, and they’re all extremely nervous about possibly having to pay the price. (They must be nervous. They’re giggling like Japanese schoolgirls.) They’re so eager to avoid it, in fact, that not one but two of them invoke the Bex Rule: they count their pubic hair as an article of clothing, and when they’re naked and lose, they shave it off and keep playing, hoping that the one extra round will be enough to save them. The third girl undoubtedly would have used that herself, but she didn’t have any pubic hair to shave and so she was out of luck.

Did it work? Did sacrificing their bushes save the girls from a furious tickling? The winners give the loser a good going-over, tickling her with their fingers and with a feather duster. About halfway through, they blindfold her so she can’t even see it coming. There’s a whole lot more giggling, and the loser is left sweaty and breathless at the end.