Strip Shockinaw with Luna, Indigo, and Lavender

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Three giggling amateurs return: skinny hippie sisters Luna and Indigo, and their curvier, large-breasted friend Lavender. They’re here to play Shockinaw, the game where the loser receives an electric shock (and must strip off a piece of clothing). The intensity was set low, since that was all these young girls would take, but the tension was still high.

They play until there’s one loser, and then the winners get to use her body as their canvas to make art. As it turns out, the winners were both very artistic and put a lot of time and effort into their creation. Of this 26 minute video, about 17 minutes are devoted to the forfeit. The loser ends up with a sort of giant cat-face on her front, with her breasts acting as the eyes, with tiger stripes and a tail on her backside. Fortunately, the loser already had a nice smooth mound to draw on!