Team Noname with Sheri and Bex vs. Zahara and Piper

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Bex and Piper had so much fun during their first ever naked shoot, they couldn’t wait to come back. Not only that, they brought their 20-year-old friends, Sheri and Zahara. Sheri’s striking and pint-sized, Zahara is slender with creamy mocha skin. Neither has ever been naked on camera before.

Because of that, I started out with a relatively tame forfeit, although I did warn them that things would get hotter quickly, and I wasn’t kidding. This time, the losers are put through a series of embarrassing and revealing poses. In addition to poses from the imaginations of the winners, we broke out the yoga pose cards as well, so the losers had to do some of those too.

The game is Team Noname, with one member of each team tossing the pucks and the other backing her up. I split the teams so each had one newbie and one sophomore, so it was Bex and Sheri vs. Piper and Zahara. This was one of the most aggressive games of Noname we’ve seen. Piper especially is super-competitive and hates to lose. We had to cut several times because overenthusiastic play knocked the game off the table.