Strip Estonian Roulette with Lika, Catherine, Nikole, and Kym

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Catherine first joined us at in 2010. We’ve always been happy to welcome her back, but this time it’s extra-special, because she brought her sister Nikole. Joining them is fun-loving and beautiful Kym, who appeared in two episodes back in 2011 and hasn’t been seen since, until now. Rounding out the foursome is newbie Lika: blonde, tall, slender, tight-bodied, and with an Eastern European accent that I, personally, find very sexy. It’s a free-for-all game of Estonian Roulette.

They play until there are two winners and two losers. Now, the two sisters are not going to do anything gross with each other, and Lika’s a nice girl with a fairly narrow comfort zone, so don’t expect to see hardcore here. But that’s okay, because what we get is one of the best tickling scenes I’ve ever seen. The losers are hogtied and at the mercy of the winners. The sisters happen to know exactly where each other’s most sensitive spots are, and aren’t at all afraid to use them.