Strip Candy Passing with Bex, Piper, Sheri, and Zahara

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The stakes keep getting higher as we keep leading these cute young amateurs into new, uncharted virgin territory.

The game is Candy Passing. Two girls make out with a candy in their mouths, and then the other two have to guess which one has the candy. Guess right and make your opponents strip, guess wrong and it’s your own clothes that have to come off. None of these girls has much experience making out with other girls, but that’s nothing compared to the forfeit which awaits the two losers.

The losers have to go down on each other -- first in a 69, then taking turns on each other. Piper has only ever had oral sex with another girl once, during Episode 393, and I believe Sheri and Zahara never havew at all. No wonder they look so nervous.