Strip Pod Stomp with Caroline, Isobel, and Candle

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Three of our spunkiest players are here to play Pod Stomp, a game which gets their big boobs bouncing and jiggling. Candle, Caroline, and Isobel play the game and lose their clothes, leaving two of them standing stark naked… but that’s just the beginning.

After we have our two losers, they play a second game as both losers climb aboard Sybians. Each takes the controls for the other girl’s Sybian, and their goal is to make the other girl cum. The winner gets in on the act, too, playing with their tits and licking their nipples. It’s a long race, with neither girl willing to give up and take the shame and the consequences of losing, but eventually, one of them (Candle) can’t take it anymore and cums. The winner of the race, stimulated almost to the point of insanity, continues her ride until she achieves her own orgasm.

The loser then suffers her penalty: a barehanded spanking from the other two as she kneels with her ass in the air, her sopping pussy and puckered asshole on display.