Strip Wheel of Torment with Ashley, Lela, Nikole, Harley, Hannah, and Kym

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Whenever you get a whole bunch of fun-loving girls together, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’ll be a playful occasion. That’s certainly the case with these six, who get together to spin the Wheel of Torment. They take their turns, the clothes come off, the micro-forfeits get done, and a good time is had by all.

Just as an aside: this video features one set of small natural boobs, two sets of medium natural boobs, one set of large natural boobs (whose owner, Kym, was quite happy to finally release them from her bra), and two sets of after-market, surgically-augmented tits. And I mean no offense to Harley and Hannah, but IMHO the real ones look better. I’ll take a nice set of breasts the way God made ‘em over the fakes any day, no matter what size they are.

Because the group was so large, each girl was only allowed to start with three pieces of clothing. It’s interesting to see which girls chose to go braless, and which went commando. The girls keep playing when they’re naked, only losing the game if they have to strip but have nothing to take off. After the game is over and the two losers are determined, the wheel gets erased and replaced with the Wheel of Forfeits. Here’s what’s on the new wheel:

Fuck a Dildo
Forced Orgasm
Take a Strap-On
Cock Gag
Pussy Pump
Pick Someone Else to Spin