Strip on Spades with Sassy, Keenly, Sheri and Tobi

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Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating with our riskiest, most daring public forfeit yet. The players are dressed for the occasion, with Sassy dressed as a mermaid, Sheri as a pussycat, Tobi as Little Blue Riding Hood, and Keenly as a fallen angel. Dante is dressed as Schlongyman. The symbol on his chest means “fuck you” on his home planet.

The game was Strip on Spades. Draw a club or a diamond and you’re safe. Draw a heart, and pick someone else to strip. Draw a spade, and you have to take off a piece of clothing. The tension rises as the clothes come off, because the stakes are so high. They’re so high, in fact, that at first one of the girls (Sheri) didn’t want to play and had to be talked into it by Morgan. (She pointed out that Sheri would only have a one in four chance of doing the big forfeit, which was enough to convince her to play. I’ve never seen that argument actually work before.)

So what were those high stakes? Well, after the game was over and we had our winner, we all headed to the public car wash. The first two girls out were the little losers, and the last girl to lose was the big loser. (The fact that the first two girls to lose get a smaller forfeit than the third girl changes strategy a bit.) The little losers then had to wash the car, out in the open and in full view of the public, wearing thongs and teeny tiny bikinis that barely contained their breasts. They were the lucky ones. The big loser got to stay in the car, but she had to suck Dante’s monster cock in broad daylight. I still can’t believe we actually did this, but we did, and here it is, all on film for everyone to enjoy.