Strip Podstab with Angel, Lance, and Catherine

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Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain?

We haven’t done a good wet-and-messy forfeit in awhile, and it’s time to fix that in a co-ed game of Podstab, where the loser gets turned into a human piña colada. Our losingest player, Angel, takes on her man Lance and feisty Catherine to see who will be covered in coconut milk, coconut shreds, pineapple (chunks and rings), cherries, and whipped cream.

So how did it go? He ended up fully clothed, with Catherine topless in her thong and Angel, as usual, the loser. There were a few technical glitches with the game, which cost one of the girls her bra. There were a few technical glitches with one of the cameras, too, so if you hear beeping, that’s it.

The loser nearly slips and falls in the goop a few times. Fortunately, she didn’t. The whipped cream ended up in both girls’ mouths, and one girl licks whipped cream off the other girl’s boob. Plus, it turns out that pineapple is highly acidic and can irritate sensitive areas. Who knew? Both girls ended up needing a shower afterward. Also, before the game even started, the players were goofing off some in front of the camera, so we included a bit of that as a bonus.