Strip Wheel of Torment with Ashlyn, Kym, Catherine, Richard, and Jessica

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Echoes of Episode 076 here as four girls and a guy play in a free-for-all, and three losers masturbate on the couch for the gleeful winners. Three of our most fun-loving, outgoing girls join Richard plus newbie Jessica to spin the Wheel of Torment. And no, contrary to one girl’s complaint, we do not have a remote control for the wheel and the game was not rigged.

There’s a party-like atmosphere, and everyone is a good sport. (Everybody except for Richard, who refused a request to take off his pants.) Kym, for example, was quite happy to lose her top and let her impressive breasts, Sales and Marketing, swing free. A bit of a rivalry developed between brunettes and redheads (aka soulless gingers).