Strip Magnitude with Star, Amanda, and Lela

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The game of Earth and Fire was fun but flawed, so here’s a new variant: Magnitude. Each round, the girls pop a plastic bubble with a three-sided in it, and whosever number comes up is at the mercy of the other two. They get to do whatever they want to her for 20 seconds, and then a buzzer goes off. The bubble gets popped again, and this time, the victim is attacked for 25 seconds. Then 30, then 35, and so on. The loser is the first girl to be forced to orgasm.

The loser suffers a rather embarrassing and undignified forfeit. Not only does she lose control over her body and succumb to a forced orgasm, her pussy gets decorated with googly eyes, lipstick, and prop stickers, and she has to use it to perform a ventriloquism routine with it. I really like how even uninhibited girls with wide-open limits will still blush bright red and stammer when they have to do something like this.

Lela returns (with a new, smoking hot toned body) along with lovely Star to break in newbie blonde Amanda. Usually, with Earth and Fire, I tell the players that whoever loses a round has to submit to the sexual attacks of the others, but this time, I either forgot to tell them or didn’t bother. The girls struggled to keep their clothes on and to resist the unrelenting fingers trying to stimulate them. With two-against-one odds, though, the struggles were futile.

The winners had a tough time getting the stickers to stick to the loser’s pussy because it was so wet, but eventually, it was decorated with a top hat and mustache (plus pipe) and was ready for its big debut, and for some reason, it sounded like a Cockney man. It starts by singing a short excerpt from “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, then moves into “A Little Help From My Friends”. It didn’t know the lyrics to either very well but it did its best. It did look a little strange because its “mouth” was vertical, so in future uses of this forfeit, we had the losers lie sideways. In the end, its owner was totally embarrassed. Includes a brief promo of the loser’s vagina saying, “My owner lost all her clothes at” And did she ever.