Snip Shockinaw with Zahara, Piper, and Johnny vs. Dante, Bex, and Sheri

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It’s a team game, with Johnny, Zahara, and Piper vs. Dante, Bex, and Sheri. The gentlemen play Shockinaw, and when they lose, their female teammates lose clothing. The winners get to cut a piece off the losers with scissors. Just like in Episode 138, the men play the game, the women pay the price.

Which isn’t to say the men don’t pay a price of their own for losing. Once the girls on a team have had all their clothes snipped off and are standing there naked, the winning girls get to put their scissors to work on the losing guy, cutting off everything he’s wearing. Then the losing girls get humiliatingly fucked by the face-dildo, being humiliatingly work by their male teammate.

So how’d it go? Well, for starters, it was the best-played game of Shockinaw I’ve seen. I think I’ll show this video to future players as an exemplar of how the game should be played.