Strip High Card with Tara, Catherine, and Lizzy

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Catherine, veteran of a dozen LostBetsGames episodes, is here to break in a couple of newbies. Welcome Tara and Lizzy to the roster! Catherine herself is sporting some new ink, which you’ll see for yourself if she loses her clothes.

We start them off with a simple game of High Card. The three girls draw cards, and the lowest card has to strip. Ties are broken by rock-paper-scissors (although one of the girls is a dirty cheater.) The winner gives an anatomy lesson using the losers’ bodies as models.

We gave the winner a measuring tape to more accurately assess the losers’ bodies, but she didn’t take the standard measurement. Instead, she measured diameter of areolae, length of pussy slit, and length of ass crack. Useful to know, I suppose. She makes the losers spread their pussy lips to show their clits, and makes them spread their ass cheeks to show their assholes. (She gets in a little tickling, too.) She makes them bend over and touch their toes, and makes them put their butts together. This is a winner who likes butts. One of our most entertaining anatomy lessons, if not the most orthodox.