Strip Mogadishu with Keenly, Sassy, and Tobi (ft Dante)

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We’ve done a lot of bondage at From the hogtie to the stockade to the door jamb cuffs, there have been dozens of episodes where the loser has found herself restrained and helpless. But now, we unveil our biggest and best bondage device yet!

We actually have used a saltire (or St. Andrew’s Cross) once before, but that was borrowed. This one’s ours, and it’s way cooler. At the time of filming, it was actually unfinished, unpainted, and with a few design flaws. This is the beta version. The finished version will be cooler still.

Tobi, Sassy, and Keenly play a round-robin game of Strip Mogadishu. (Mogadishu is like Rock-Paper-Scissors, except there are five throws instead of three.) Two girls play a best-of-three match (which starts as best-of-five, but they change it), then the loser strips and the third girl rotates in to take her place while the winner stays.

Then the loser is strapped into the brand-new, virgin St. Andrew’s Cross, while Dante and one of the winners wield vibrators against her. The loser is powerless to resist the sexual attack on her body, and when her skin starts to flush, the winners double up on her vaj, making her lose it completely. Just as she’s on the brink of orgasm, her wild thrashing manages to break her free. (This is one of the design flaws we later fixed.) The winners buckle her in and get right back to work, before walking away and leaving her hanging there.