Strip Podstab with Kandii and Amanda

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And now for something completely different, or at least a new angle on a fun game. Amanda, first introduced in Episode 436 faces off against Kandii, who first appeared in Episode 347 but who’s clearly had some work done since then. Kandii’s got a good winning record, but her prior experience is mostly against Angel, hands down our losingest player. Amanda’s record stands at 0-1, but maybe she’ll do better this time.

The girls wear four articles of clothing: tops, bottoms, bras, and strap-ons, with the latter protruding through the flies of the bottoms. The game is Podstab, which makes the girls run around a bit so their latex cocks bounce around quite a bit. The strap-ons come off last, and once a girl’s suffered the indignity of having to take off her penis, she’s the loser and the winner, with her dick intact, gets to use it on her. The game lasts 12 minutes, and it’s very close. It literally comes down to a single second, but in the end, I have to be honest and say that the forfeit wasn’t the most exciting strapping-on I’ve seen: the girls were kinda quiet. But the winner does fuck the loser in four positions: missionary, doggie, standing with the loser on her back, and reverse cowgirl. So it’s got variety going for it, at least.