Strip Pod Stomp with Tara, Lizzy, and Catherine

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They’re back! Veteran Catherine returns with newbies Tara and Lizzy, making their second appearances. It’s a spirited and energetic group, here to play Pod Stomp. The loser of this game gets a “hogtied ticklespank”, which is about what it sounds like. One of these players is extremely ticklish and absolutely hates being tickled, which she told us before the game. Also, that player lost the game and got tickled. The game wasn’t rigged; it just turned out that way.

It was a close game at first, with all three girls losing their outerwear, but then someone hits a losing streak and lost all her clothes and the 18-minute game. The winners are left in their underwear, but it’s a little hot and they’re going to be exerting themselves, so they take off their bras. What good sports. True to her word, the loser is incredibly ticklish and wails throughout. It’s bad enough when they’re tickling her backside, but when they roll her over, she goes bug-eyed with terror. They barely touch her before she shrieks and skitters away on her little bound feet. In one sense it wasn’t effective since it didn’t move her out of harm’s way, it just rotated her 180 degrees clockwise, but it was so impressive and hilarious that it cracked the winners up and they let her go, so in that sense, it worked. Per the request of one of the winners, this clip includes a little post-credits view of the scamper in slow motion.