Strip Cupcake-Eating Contest with Heather, Lela, Kimberly, and Cheyenne

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Heather! Heather heather, heather. Heather, heather heather heather? Heather heather, heather heather.

Sorry. I just really like angelic, fresh-faced, perfectly-proportioned Heather. I also really like spunky Lela and even spunkier Cheyenne. And I’ve been a fan of Kimberly since her first appearance all the way back in Episode 039, and we’ve watched her evolve from a voluptuous knockout with generous curves to a full-fledged BBW. But there’s something about Heather that grabbed me the first time I laid eyes on her. This may be her last ever appearance at, so enjoy her while you can.

It’s a strip cupcake-eating contest, and I have to admit, I didn’t do a good job of thinking it through. Each girl has two copcakes which she must consume with her hands behind her back. Cupcakes are a lot drier than the pies we usually use for these contests, and I really should have provided water. Fortunately, nobody choked to , although there were some close calls. (It’s a measure of how competitive these girls are that they gobbled their cupcakes so quickly they nearly choked.) Also, for some reason I decided to act as the emcee/announcer for this one. I really need to remember not to do that.

You might have thought that Kimberly would have the edge here due to, um, obvious reasons, but if you look at the sport of competitive eating you’ll see that extra body mass is not an advantage. We watched in stunned amazement as one of the players unhinged her jaw like a fucking anaconda to swallow a cupcake whole. It was quite a show.

Once a girl has cleaned her plate (which doesn’t take long), the other three are the losers. They all have to strip naked, one by one, then bend over for the triumphant winner to give them each ten barehanded smacks on the ass. They all get the treatment, even the one player who tries to weasel out of it by declaring herself co-winner. (She instead delivers a few extra spanks to a fellow loser.)

By the way, at about the 3:30 mark, a small white object is seen falling out of someones’s groin. I’m not sure what it was. An errant scrap of toilet paper, maybe? Whatever it is, how embarrassing for her.