Strip Bowling with Lavender, Indigo, and Luna

  • mp4
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  • wmv is proud to introduce two lovely new amateurs who have never been naked on film before! That’s the position Indigo was in before Episode 391, but by the time that day was over, the Internet had seen every inch of her nude body. Either she had a lot of fun, or she figures that misery loves company, because she went out and convinced a couple more amateurs to risk their modesty at Lavender is her best friend, cute and voluptuous. And Luna is Indigo’s for-real, no-foolin’, full-blooded sister. They’re not twins but could sure pass for it, and together, the sisters are proof positive that girls can be intensely sexy and feminine despite having virtually no boobs to speak of.

It’s a game of Strip Bowling. There’s a lot of giggling as the newcomers find their clothes gradually stripped off and their bodies gradually exposed to the air and the cameras. In the end the losers have to draw 5 yoga pose cards from our deck and hold each one for 20 full seconds. The poses are designed to get the girls open and exposed, and very little is left to the imagination. The winner grabs a camera so she can get all those extreme (and extremely embarrassing) close-ups, and by the time it’s over, the newcomers know just what it means to lose at