Strip Trivia with Sheri, Piper, Bex, and Zahara (featuring Dante)

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It’s time for these four amateurs to rack their brains in a Trivia battle. Dante acts as the master of ceremonies as the girls test their smarts and risk their clothes. He reads a question, and the girls have a chance to buzz in. If they answer the question correctly, they get to pick an opponent and take a piece of clothing off of her, but if they get it wrong, they have to strip.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these girls, but they’re not the best trivia players in the world. There were a few times when we had to clap our hands over our mouths to keep from shouting out the obvious answer.

What fate befalls the two losers? We felt that Dante deserved a reward after his excellent work as emcee, so both losers are given to him to use as he’d like. And boy, does he use them. One loser is made to do the other with a strap-on while she blows Dante. Dante fucks one loser while she makes out with the other and vibrates her with a wand. The winners grab their cellphone cameras and get some unique closeups. One of the losers has trouble taking all of Dante’s monster cock, but eventually succeeds. It’s a pretty impressive display.

In the end, one of the girls does not want Dante’s cum on her, so he agrees to spare her if she will lick his cum off the other girl’s tits. Great stuff. Includes a brief after-game shower and interview.

Trivia questions provided by a fan named RS. Thanks!