Strip Prick Prick Bang with Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri

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They’re back again, as these four amateurs continue their journey into ever more daring forfeits. This time, two losers have to take a ride on Sybians. I don’t think any of these girls had every even seen a Sybian before, let alone felt its powerful motor buzzing away inside of them.

The game is Prick Prick Bang, where the girls try to poke a balloon with sticks without popping it. Pop the balloon, lose a garment. Don’t have any more garments to lose? You’ll be taking a ride on the most powerful vibrator we’ve got.

The winners got to work the controls on the machines. This is kind of an unusual one, because for the first time ever, I put a girl on a Sybian and her reaction wasn’t immediate, uncontrollable ecstasy. One of the losers. That’s okay… the other loser more than made up for it, gasping for breath and sweating as her skin flushed and the machine relentlessly drove her to orgasm.