Strip Ginger Ale Pong with Zahara, Piper, Bex, and Sheri (ft. Johnny)

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The stakes keep getting higher for these four amateur girls, and now they’re finally ready to go all the way. Three of them may not be old enough to legally drink, but that doesn’t stop them from putting their pussies on the line, with the losers serving Johnny’s pleasure.

The game is Ginger Ale Pong. It’s like Beer Pong, but with ginger ale instead of beer. (See previous re. drinking age.) I put them in teams, with each team having one loser from Episode 425 and one winner. It’s Bex and Sheri vs. Piper and Zahara, with the losers getting fucked. For the first time ever on camera.

It’s a close, hard-fought, and fun game. There was a lot of burping as the ginger ale got consumed. Piper, being the ultra-competitive girl she is, was very familiar with the rules and used them to her advantage.

The video includes a little behind-the-scenes footage from between the game and the forfeit, as the losers talk about what’s about to happen to them and how they feel about it.