Strip Body Shots with Catherine, Lizzy, and Tara

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Welcome back Catherine, Tara, and Lizzy! I wanted to make the loser of this game masturbate on camera for our entertainment. Catherine of course was totally up for that. Lizzy was a bit more reluctant but she eventually was talked into risking it. Tara, on the other hand, for some reason didn’t want to rub one out for us. What to do? Make her part of the game rather than part of the forfeit. Behold: Body Shots. Tara is strapped stark naked to our St. Andrew’s Cross while the other two take turns shooting at her. Targets are drawn on her body and inked darts are fired. Her armpits are worth 10 points, her tummy 20, her tits 30, and her pussy 40. They shoot until one player gets 50 points, and then the other girl has to strip.

Tara in the end may have regretted her timidity and reluctance to risk masturbating. Every time someone aimed the dartgun at her, she flinched and squealed in terror. Plus, it’s hard to scratch your nose when you’re restrained hand and foot, so she had to rub her nose on her shoulder and get red ink all over it. She ended up covered in multicolored dots, looking a bit ridiculous.

It turns out that Catherine is a crack shot who goes shooting with real firearms for fun. She manages to hit Tara right in the clit… impressive, considering that some guys have trouble finding it even when they’re right up close. Lizzy, on the other hand, was a lot less experienced and constantly forgot to cock her . She broke the rules with a forbidden (but accidental) darth to Tara’s head. Fortunately for her, the other two didn’t enforce the penalty for illegal headshots. Catherine got cocky and started deliberately trying to make difficult shots, while Lizzy got the hang of it and started catching up