Strip Ballseye with Amanda, Star, and Lela

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Happy New Year! We last saw this trio playing Magnitude in Episode 436. Now they’re back to try their hands at Ballseye, the game where they have to try to bounce balls into targets. Whoever gets the highest score gets to strip a piece of clothing off whoever gets the lowest score. And let me tell you, these girls really suck at this game. The first round, all three tie with a score of zero, and all three have to strip. The next round, one girl manages to score some points, and just like that, four tits are out in the breeze. Makes for some nice visuals. (The audio, it must be said, is a little glitchy. Sorry about that.)

The winner of the game gets to sexually dominate the losers. We put a table full of interesting toys out there for the winner to use, including dildos and strap-ons.