Strip Ballseye with Keenly, Tobi, and Sheri (ft. Johnny and Dante)

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Sheri, Tobi, and Keenly play a game of Ballseye, with the two losers moving on to a more adult game to determine an ultimate loser.

The ladies are dressed in garters and lingerie for this one. And tops come off first, meaning that six lovely tits are on display after the first few rounds.

So what happens to the losers? They each get one guy, either Johnny or Dante. They play rock-paper-scissors (although one girl seems to think it’s Mogadishu) to determine who gets to pick her guy. Then they have a blowjob race, with each girl frantically trying to make her guy cum… frantically, because whoever doesn’t win the race gets paddled by the winner of the game. And she delivers a pretty stinging paddling.

By the way: it should be a standard feature of these races that the loser has to finish her guy off and get a faceful of cum in addition to her forfeit. This time, we didn’t do that, and the blowjobs end when the first guy cums. I apologize for this, both to you the viewer and to the guy who didn’t get to cum. Even the winner managed to jerk back and avoid getting splattered with cum herself. Sorry. It’s still a hell of a show.