Strip Podstab with Penny and Tobi

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Two girls play Podstab wearing strap-ons, which count as an article of clothing. We did this once before, in Episode 441. It turned out pretty well then, but this time, it turned out awesome, for at least two reasons. First, these are two of our best players: painfully sexy, highly competitive, and incredibly entertaining. And second, in addition to taking the winner’s strap-on, the loser also gets a vibrating butt-plug. And really, isn’t everything better when a girl has to take a vibrating butt-plug?

Here comes Tobi, late-blooming amateur MILF who’s getting less amateurish all the time as she continues to explore her sexuality. And joining her is stunning, statuesque goddess Penny, making her first return since 2009’s Episode 092, and by God how I’ve missed her. These brash extroverts hit it off extremely well, leading to some awesome repartee during the game and after.

The winner of each round gets to personally strip the round’s loser. This episode features some behind-the-scenes footage of the girls goofing off between game and forfeit, reminiscing about past experiences. It also features a little audio interference from outside the room, sorry about that. It also features one of the dumbest questions ever heard on “Would you like a lot of lube?” as the winner is preparing to insert the butt-plug.

By the way, the winner’s enthusiastic fucking pushes a lot of air into the loser, so if you’re a fan of loud, embarrassing queefs, here you go.