Strip Slappahoe with Bella and Sharron

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Bella and Sharron are back to play a brand new game. The naked loser has to put on a show for us by riding a Sybian, while the winner works the controls and drives her nuts. The game is Slappahoe, better known as Slaps or Slap Jack. You can look up the rules on Wikipedia if you want, but essentially, one girl tries to slap the backs of the hands of the other girl, who tries to jerk her hands away before the first girl can slap her. It’s fast-paced and tense and it worked pretty well. I think we’ll use this game again. (The rules were a little flexible. Since there was no referee, disputes about whether a slap was successful came down to whichever girl was more assertive.) The winner chooses which article of clothing the loser loses. Both girls are dressed for a night of clubbing, with Bella in a hot leather corset and spangly shorts. They’re playful and having fun.

The loser had never been on a Sybian before, and her mind was blown. She quickly forgot the humiliation of being naked and impaled as the machine drove her to insane heights of ecstasy. She frantically plays with her tits (and the winner’s tits) while grindign her clit into the Sybian’s vibrating pad. She cums pretty much continuously as the winner dominates her and expertly works the controls, her pussy dripping wet and fluid leaking down her thighs. It makes the winner remark, “You’re like an ice cream truck down there!” I’m not even sure what that means, but it cracked us up.

Fifteen long minutes the loser rides and cums, leaving a thick milky froth all over the machine and her ass. At the end, she’s definitely lost her Sybian virginity along with her dignity.

By the way, one technical note. Because of some insane architectural engineering, the hotel we were in had a drain pipe running through our wall. It was raining, and there is occasionally a very loud gurgling as rainwater rushes down the pipe. In fact, there was almost as much liquid running down that pipe as there was running down the loser’s legs as she came and came and came. Sorry about that, but hopefully it’s not too distracting.