Strip Jump Rope with Angel and Catherine

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This one is presented thanks to a fan who wanted to see Catherine on a Sybian. I happened to have this one waiting to be published, featuring Catherine against our losingest player, Angel. Its a strip jump-rope contest, with the loser not only going for a Sybian ride but doing it blindfolded and bound.

At first, this would appear to be a mismatch. Catherines in much better shape than Angel, and Angel hasnt jumped rope since she was 5, while Catherine used to do double-Dutch (whatever that is.) But this was our first Jump Rope contest, and we didnt think through the rules very well. First Catherine did as many jumps as she could, then Angel followed suit, and whoever got more jumps won the round. This put Catherine at a serious disadvantage, since Angel always knew how many jumps she needed and could stop when she reached it. If we use this game again, well use fairer rules.

Despite her disadvantage, Catherine started off strong. But both girls were breathless and sweaty after a few rounds. It turns out that if youre going to compete in a contest like this, it doesnt pay to be a smoker. The girls get out of breath just counting the other girls jumps. The girls have to take a topless break to rehydrate, and theres great banter throughout. Theres major boob sweat, flapping and bouncing naked flesh, and the girls repeatedly curse out the sadistic bastard who thought of this game.

It turns out to be a very close game, but after 26 hard-fought and bouncy minutes, The losers hands are bound with her own jumprope, and the winner plays with the losers nipples while playing with the Sybians controls. About halfway through the winner makes the loser turn around and face the other way, pulsing the Sybian on and off. The loser gets turned on like crazy (not uncommon with the Sybian) and the machines prong ends up soaked with a mixture of sweat, lube, and what the Japanese call love liquid.