Strip Ice Race with Sinn, Penny, and Tobi

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Ice race! Three smoking hot girls in bikinis, racing back and forth between the ice machine and our room ,where we had three buckets set up. The girls load up their bikinis with ice and try to fill their buckets before the others do. The winner wins. The losers get the very, very public forfeit. You see, our room had a big window which overlooked the hotel’s busy atrium. The losers, still in their bikinis, had to stand in that window while the winner scampered down to the atrium to shout, “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK UP THERE!” and point to the window. Then the losers had to strip off their bikinis and dance for the very appreciative crowd.

It wasn’t a clean race. Penny decided to try making more trips with less ice, which may or may not have worked out for her. She also scooped up loose ice from the floor, which isn’t cheating, and tried to steal ice from Tobi’s bra, which is. But that’s okay, because Tobi tried to break into the ice machine’s storage compartment rather than use the dispenser. Meanwhile, Sinn stole ice directly from the other girls’ buckets when they weren’t looking. Penny tried to physically block Tobi but was thwarted when Tobi crawled between her legs. But the biggest cheat (or at least the biggest unfair advantage) goes to Tobi, who wore a bikini top that was too big for her, giving her more room to stuff the ice. She paid a price, though, complaining “I can’t feel my tits!”.

By the way, if you’ve seen Episode 450, you know that Kym had the room right across from us. She heard the girls thumping down the hallway and poked her head out to see what was going on. When she did, she popped out and grabbed a handful of Tobi’s ass before retreating to her room for safety.

We included some footage of the girls acting silly (and the winner having the losers warm her boobs for her) after the game, and then it’s time for the forfeit. The girls dance in the window, fondle each other, and make obscene gestures.. Plenty of spectators whip out their cellphones to take pictures of the spectacle. (We really should’ve painted “” on their bodies, or at least had a banner up. Would’ve been great marketing.)