Strip Magnitude with Kym, Candle, and Sinn

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Three of our best girls are back to help us put on a very special episode for our eighth anniversary. Candle, Kym, and Sinn play Magnitude, our game of forced orgasms, where a girl tries to resist cumming while her two opponents do their best to overwhelm her resistance. None of these girls is a stranger to lesbian sex, and theyre all damned good at forcing orgasms. The girls get their fingers in deep, they flick clits with their tongues, they spread their opponents wide and expose them. One of the girls has a close call when the buzzer goes off just as shes about to explode, but she survives to fight on

To celebrate LostBetsGames.coms birthday, the loser has three big (and thick) birthday candles inserted in her and set on fire. (Actually, the plan was for the loser to pop the and take 1, 2, or 3 candles based on how it turned up, but the loser had thought she was just supposed to take all three, and we didnt bother to correct her.) Inserting the candles was made both easier and harder by the losers well-lubed vajj: easier because the candles went in smoothly, harder because they came out just as smoothly. There were mad hijinks while the girls put in the candles, and whenever the loser laughed she tended to shoot the candles out of herself with potentially velocity. Finally, they decide that they wouldnt get all three candles to stay in the losers pussy, so one went into her ass. (That one sticks in there a little better.) The whole thing was pretty hilarious. The girls mimicked the gape-jawed expressions on the faces of the crew as we watched the whole thing unfold. Then out came the flame, and the girls all sang what is totally a constitutionally-protected parody of Happy Birthday to You. Finally, the loser squirts the candles out of herself, and all is well.