Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Molly and Mina

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Tiny, blue-haired Asian cutie Mina is back, and we paired her against Molly, who we met hanging out at the pool. When Molly heard what we do here at, she was just dying to be a part of it, so here she is. (Sadly, this is the only game she took part in, but well see about getting her back for more.) They play Rock-Paper-Scissors, best of three, with the winner of each round stripping an article of clothing from the loser. Kevin watches with great interest, since both he and the winner get to use the losers naked body however theyd like.

It was a fast game, and after about 6 minutes, Molly still in her shorts, leaving almost 20 minutes for Kevin and the winner to have their way with the loser, and boy, do they take advantage. They start by teasing her with our brand-new high-tech super-powerful wand massager, as she tries to resist getting aroused but isnt entirely successful. Then, while the winner continues to vibe the loser, Kevin whips out his cock and orders a beejay. At first, the loser tries to get away with just using her hands, but the winner, still vibing, makes her get her face in there. She gets on all fours and sucks, while the winner keeps vibing her from behind, and the vibing really starts to get to her. Then the loser is turned around so that, still on all fours, shes presenting her fine backside to Kevin, who fucks her doggie style while she sucks the winners tits. She gropes the winners pussy through her shorts, which prompts Kevin to suggest that the winner should make the loser eat her out. That sounds like a good idea to her, so soon shes shucking out of her shorts and the loser is gobbling pussy while still getting fucked. Shes good at it, and soon the winner is squealing and giggling as she cums. After recovering, the winner climbs under the loser with the vibrator while Kevin keeps plowing her, until he shoots all over the small of her back, leaving her with cum dripping down her ass.