Strip Pirate Penguins with Candle, Lizzy, Richard, and Rachel

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Ive said before that the overwhelming majority of these games are played completely fairly, with no rigging or fixing involved. There are plenty of advantages to doing it this way, but one disadvantages is that sometimes a really hot, sexy girl never loses, and we never get to see her naked and embarrassed. That was the case with Rachel, who played in Episode 381 and Episode 385. In 385, she had to take out her magnificent tits but thats all, and in 381 she showed even less. She was the one that got away, and ever since Ive been eager to get her back in front of my cameras with another shot at getting her naked. Shes joined in this game by tiny, cute, giggly Lizzy, and mature everyman Richard. Overseeing their game is Candle, dressed as a domme and taking charge. When a loser manages to tip the boat and spill the pirate penguins, Candle is there to strip them of their clothing.

Its a high-tension game, lasting about 24 minutes. Lizzy is shy and giggling as her clothes come off. Richard counts his belt as an article of clothing, but Candle makes him pay a price for it. Rachels massive natural breasts (bigger than Candles head, she says) look great dangling as she bends down to place her penguins. Surprisingly, the seamen pun comes from Rachel, and not Candle, notorious punner.

The two losers get dominated and humiliated by Candle and by the winner. This is a green level shoot, meaning that theres no sexual contact, but theres plenty of embarrassment. First, Candle makes them act like puppies, leashing them, spanking them, and making them sniff each others butts. She straps the cock gag on one of the losers, then makes them kiss. One of them gets paddled, and has her tits slapped so we can watch them bounce. Then Candle breaks out a new restraint we just got: an armbinder, which keeps the victims shoulders behind her and leaves her helpless to use her arms. And then, the tickling. One of the losers is very ticklish, and she shrieks hysterically before getting hogtied. A loser gets ridden like a horsie, there are wet willies, spankings with a wooden spoon, toe-licking, and various other liberties are taken. Its a veritable smorgasbord of domination.