Strip High Card with Candle, Lizzy, and Rachel

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Sweet cutie Lizzy and voluptuous Rachel (who has, as Candle calls them, tig ol bitties) are back along with resident punmistress Candle. They play a game of High Card, except in this version, whoever gets the highest card strips, rather than the lowest. That makes this the misre variant, I guess. Ties, of which there are an unusually high number, are broken with rock-paper-scissors. The girls strip from the top down, although one girl forgets and tries to take off her pants, saving her bra. It doesnt work, and the other players call her on it. The game last for 9 minutes, and at the end of it

The losers have their naked ladybits decorated by the winner with stickers and googly eyes, and then they have to use their vaginas to put on a ventriloquism act. (Unlike in our first attempt at this forfeit, Episode 436, we had the losers lie on their sides so the mouths of their puppets were horizontal rather than vertical. Looked better, and was funnier. And it made the losers embarrassingly spread open, showing everything.) One loser gets a fedora, a Sherlock Holmes pipe, a monocle, and lipstick. The other gets a moustache, a fancy top hat, and giant red lips, and to finish the ensemble, the winner sticks a real cigarette between the losers lower lips. She also puts a googly eye on that losers brown eye, which may not be anatomically correct but was plenty funny.

Then follows an extremely amateurish act, featuring bad ventriloquism, bad singing, and really bad jokes. They sing a snippet of a copyrighted song, but Im pretty sure that this would fall under the parody exception. (Even so, Sir Mix-A-Lot, please dont sue us.) The whole thing was hilarious, and we on the crew had to fight to stifle our laughter.