Strip Mogadishu with Judas and Shelby (ft. Flynt)

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Two new girls show up to try their luck and risk their clothes and their dignity at Theres cute perky blonde Shelby, not to be confused with the Shelby who appeared as a spectator in Episode 369. And then theres tatted gothy Judas. Im not sure what happened in her past, but theres a definite, palpable darkness in her soul. Joining them is Flynt, who serves as the referee for this game of Mogadishu (our variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors that has five different throws instead of three) but doesnt do a very good job of it. He doesnt really understand the rules and is a little unclear on the concept Oh well. Its a speedy game and its over in five minutes.

And what a forfeit it was. Flynt wasn't there just to be the referee. Hes the punishment, and he gets to use the loser however he wants, with no holes barred. It starts with a little oral, a little friendly ball-sucking. Then, as the winner holds a camera on the hapless loser, Flynt spits on her ass, licks it, and then penetrates it without nearly enough lube. Yeowwwch! Flynt fucks her ass until she begs him to fuck her pussy instead, so he goes ass-to-vag, has her bounce on his cock, then fucks her doggy-style, then lays her out flat on her stomach and rails her until hes done. Thats the price of losing here at